The characteristics of titanium rod produced by extrusion

The tube blank heat before reaming is divided into two steps. First, preheating it in annular furnace to 800~850°C, and then it will be heated to the process standard temperature of 1150~1200°C by frequency induction furnace. The heating rate of the former step is slower, which is suitable for the poor thermal conductivity of titanium alloy rods. The selection of frequency heating is mainly to use the fast heating speed, can minimize the oxidation of appearance, is conducive to expanding and the  smooth in the kneading process, and it is also conducive to the improvement of the appearance quality of titanium bar.
There are many production methods of titanium rod, and the most common is the kneading production, what’s the characteristic of the titanium rod with kneading production compared to other production methods?
(1) The pipe shape produced by the kneading method can be very messy and cluttered, but the pipe material with messy section can't be produced by rolling.
(2)  In the process of kneading, the metal is in the condition of three axial compressive stresses, metal can develop the biggest plastic, and it can also eliminate the disadvantages in the inner of tube blank, and even can use the centrifuge to casting titanium billet.
(3) The kneading method has great flexibility, it can produce different shapes and dimensions of pipes only simply replacing the things, and it's very especially suitable for small batch of special data processing.
(4)  Compared with the tube rolling method, kneading can't realize the continuous production, the production rate is very low, lumber recovery is low, and the waste of material is large, production costs are high, coupled with the high kneading temperature, so the outer quality and scale accuracy of pipe is hard to control.
(5) In view of the above situations, the quantity of pipe material produced by the kneading method is very small, and it's mainly used for the production of various titanium bars with high alloy, low plasticity, difficult deformation, such as titanium alloy rod and special alloy titanium rod, and even the ceramic metal, hard alloy, powder and double metal composite pipe.