Titanium Elbow
Sanhui titanium elbows have such features like lightweight, corrosion resistance, long service time, economical welding performance, etc. Contact us now!.
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Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd supplies a full range of metal elbows, including

titanium elbows

We have been specialized in manufacturing titanium products for more than 20 years. We carry

pure titanium elbow

, 45 degree titanium elbow, 90 degree titanium elbow. We can also fabricate titanium elbows according to your needs.
Our titanium elbows are featured by lightweight, corrosion resistant, long-lifetime, economical perfect welding performance, etc. Titanium elbows can be applied in oil & gas, offshore & onshore, chemical industry, petroleum and nuclear industries.

Titanium elbow is one of important pipe fittings in all kinds of pipe networks. Titanium elbow is used not only to change the flow direction of medium, but also to enhance the flexibility of pipeline. Titanium is one of commonly used titanium pipe fittings.
From 1970s, China began to use titanium material in chemical system of civilian industries. Titanium pipe fitting is mainly used to transport  severe corrosive medium. Titanium metal is used as one of corrosion resistant structural materials and is used in chemical engineering devices, which has established the position of titanium. Titanium is the ideal material to be used in the pipelines to transport chemical corrosive medium. The life span of pipeline depends on the pipe fitting. Titanium pipe fitting also draws more and more engineering technical personnels’ attention. Especially the standardization of titanium pipe fitting is much more important.

We use standard export wooden case to pack the titanium elbows. In order to avoid the damage to the titanium elbows during the delivery,  titanium elbows will be packed with plastic foam and then put into wooden case. Then the wooden case will be nailed and binded with steel belts.
For more details about titanium elbows, like pure titanium elbow, 45 degree titanium elbow and 90 degree titanium elbow, contact us today!