Titanium Alloy Applications in Industry

Titanium alloy applications in industry are as followings:
The aerospace industry is the largest market of titanium and titanium alloy products. With titanium alloy cost reduces, make its industrial application gradually expands to the shipbuilding industry, such as submarine, propeller, rigging and other parts requiring high corrosion resistance. In addition, due to the affinity of titanium and human tissue, titanium alloy is being increasingly used in medical engineering as the main material for implant and bone repair.
In the automotive industry, titanium alloy is used to manufacture the engine valve, connecting rod , wheel hub screw, the exhaust system and the suspension spring recent years. Titanium alloy component can increase engine power and torque, at the same time, it can improve the fuel economy, and solve the problem of noise and vibration. The titanium alloy parts reduce the material weight about 50%, and improve the service life.
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