TC4 Titanium Plate Rolling and Cutting Process

1. If it is semi-automatic cutting, then the guide rail should be placed on the plane of the titanium plate, and then put the cutter on the guide rail, pay attention to the order, which can not be reversed.


2. Cutting parameters to be appropriate, should be based on the thickness of the titanium plate to determine, so as to obtain good cutting effect.


3. Check the cut gas to see whether it is smooth, if there is a blockage, it should be carried out in a timely manner.


4. Before cutting the titanium plate, the surface should be cleaned, and to leave a certain space, so it can help the slag blowing out.


5. The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the titanium plate should be appropriate, too close too far is not good.


6. Titanium plate should be fully preheated, so as not to affect the cutting process.


7. If you cut the different sizes workpiece, you should first cut the small pieces, and then large pieces.