Classification of Titanium Wire

Titanium wire has been widely used in many places, then what is the classification of titanium wire? What are the characteristics of classification? In the following, I will introduce the classification of titanium wire for you.
First titanium wire has different standards, which is divided into titanium wire standards and glasses titanium wire standards, their φ is not same, so their standards are also not same. The trademark of titanium wire is also divided into many kinds. The status of titanium wire can also be seen in his classification, such as annealing, thermal processing, cold working conditions and a variety of different conditions. The appearance of the titanium wire is the acid pickling or polished. So what's the use of titanium wire? Titanium wire has insignificant effect on the military, medical, earrings, glasses and other occupations.
The above is the classification of titanium wire. If you have any question, welcome to you to contact us.