A brief analysis of several preconditions for titanium plate forming

To sum up, the proper thermal specifications for a certain type of titanium plate must be guaranteed to meet the following basic requirements:
1.     The parts are well laid out and do not need to be trimmed manually. The shape, size and surface quality are in conformity with the inspection requirements of titanium plate parts。
2.     The mechanical properties of the material are basically stable, and the main performance indexes meet the requirements at room temperature and operating temperature.
3.     The residual stress in the part is basically eliminated.
4.     The average hydrogen content of the material after hot deformation is not more than the allowable value of 150p.p.m.
5.     The total thickness of the oxide and gas layers shall not exceed half of the allowable deviation of the thickness of the titanium plate.
6.     The metallographic structure of the material is not changed, and the grains are not grown and overheated.
7.     Under the premise of meeting the above requirements, the temperature should be as low as possible, the time should be as short as possible, so that the parts can be pressed.
Our calibration test is carried out on a domestic RX - 1 machine tool. The material is TA2 and TC1, the thickness is 0.5, 0.8 and 1 mm. The temperature of the mold or working area can be controlled within 10 degrees. The time is controlled by the time relay.